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Artist Statement

My work explores the realms of ecological entanglement, symbiosis, and cyclical systems of life and death in an attempt to make sense of living in a dying world. I work to process the collective trauma of environmental collapse alongside personal trauma. Recognizing parallels between systemic abuse of ecosystems and of women and queer bodies, I look to ecology for wisdom in healing, emergence, and exuberance. With my multimedia sculptures, installations, drawings, and more, I refigure oppressive Western philosophy, mythology, and symbology, deconstructing abusive and exploitative systems of thinking and instead building upon ideologies of symbiotic healing and regeneration.

My practice is centered around using sustainable, biodegradable, and living material. Composed from things like soil, paper, wood, plant matter, non-toxic plaster, and fungi mycelia, my sculptures are made to decompose and return to the soil over time, ranging from days to the average human lifespan. I often use ethically foraged plant and mineral pigments in my drawings, as well as found, recycled, and handmade papers that tie me to my ecosystem in sustainable practice. Each piece intertwines human with non-human in process, concept, and form as I work in relation with other members of my ecosystems. Together, we compose, decompose, and compose again, in an intimate process of co-creation and healing.

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