Artist Statement

I'm moved to work by the creeping shadow of environmental degradation. Each day, ice melts. Species disappear. Islands of plastic fester and grow. The air thickens, and life chokes. This is not just a scientific problem; this is a cultural dilemma. Many of us have severed our connection to our ecosystems, and we’ve distanced ourselves from our own mortality. As a result, we are not equipped to deal with the looming death of our planet. My work explores the realm of ecological entanglement, symbiosis, and cyclical systems of life and death, in an attempt to find a way through the deeply spiritual problem that is environmental collapse.


My most recent work features predominantly biodegradable and living material. Composed from things like soil, paper, wood, plant matter, non-toxic plaster, and mushroom mycelia, my sculptures are made to decompose and return to the soil over time, ranging from a week to the average human lifespan. Each piece intertwines human with non-human, with life casts echoing the human form as they are consumed by mycelial threads. I surrender a certain level of control to other members of my ecosystem, encouraging fungi, bacteria, and even mold to make their mark on the work as life emerges from the object. Together, we compose, decompose, and compose again, in an intimate process of co-creation and healing.

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